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Time, Place & Identity

Duration: 6 – 9 June
Opening Night: Wednesday 6 June, 6 – 8pm
Hours: Wednesday to Saturday 10am – 5pm

Who are we, where are we, why are we here? The universal questions invariably arise when pondering our time on earth and this group of artists completing their Master of Art at UNSW Art & Design, look for ways to articulate their answers visually, sensorially and aurally.

Exhibiting artists: Alan Heung, Andre Da Silva, Caroline Kronenberg, Isidora Vuceta, Jiayi Wu, Jiyuan, Christina Cai, May Hassan, Sinead Davies, Soraya Nematollahi, Tim Kelly, Timba Bridge, Xiang Meng.

Credit: Xiang Meng, Nuance project "#1, table and chair back"