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The following form is digital confirmation for short term rental or event hire. Please complete this form to book your event.

To request pricing, availability or more information, please complete the contact form.

We run a creative community space, which is inherently a shared experience. In order to keep the space running smoothly, we have some rules in place to make sure the residential setting is respected, and the space remains mutually beneficial for tenants and short term hires.

Terms & Confirmation

By completing the form below you confirm your booking and agree to the following terms. These measures must be taken to minimise disturbance and risk while at Comber Street Studios.

Safety / Regulations

Alcohol - We require a copy of the current RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) certificate for the server.

The server must not be drinking. No intoxicated persons permitted on premises.

Smoking - No smoking inside the building and within 2m of an entrance / neighboring building.

Furniture - No standing on hired chairs, desks or other furniture.

Ladders are available upon request.

Liquids - Any water/spills must be mopped up immediately to prevent slipping or damage to furniture.

No staining or flammable liquids to be used on premises.

Candles - No candles, smoke machines or naked flame to be used on premises. Any use of the these items may result in activation of the fire alarm.

Electrical - Electrical cables must be gaffer taped to the floor to prevent falls.

Discuss heaters or electrical devices that are hazardous or have high consumption.


Hours of Operation - The space is available for hire from 9 AM to 5.30 PM weekdays and if requested, weekends and extended hours.

Entryway - Thoroughfare for tenants and deliveries may be via the front / middle room or loading dock depending on the given day.

For bookings outside business hours, entry is via front / middle rooms unless loading dock is hired.

Unloading - Loading dock if available can be used for 20 minutes max loading / unloading. If you will be unloading, please let us know prior to the hire.

Parking - Limited 1 hour street parking is available in the surrounding areas and Oxford Street. Parking along Oxford St is approx $9 per hour.

Parking in the loading dock can be booked at $15 inc GST per vehicle for the duration of your booking (per day if consecutive days). No overnight parking.

Toilets - Ensure patrons use the downstairs toilets unless your booking is upstairs.

Deliveries - Deliveries for tenants will occur throughout the day during business hours on weekdays.

Ivy Lane's studio is located in the hallway behind the loading dock, please contact 0405 330 945 if any confusion regarding deliveries.

Security - For large, or high profile events (over 100) we request that you hire security. We provide 2.5m of roped bollards. For all events we require a sober team-member to monitor entrances and prevent visitors from wandering onto the road, as cars often speed downhill.

All doors must stay shut outside business hours (weekdays). If the loading dock is hired the roller shutter must be closed.


Cleaning - Sweep or vacuum debris from all hired areas and facilities before vacating.

To avoid a cleanup/damage fee, the vacated space, walls, facilities and furniture must be left in good order

Noise - The airspace is mostly shared, so be mindful of any activities that generate noise and keep music low. No shouting/yelling.

Please do not expect complete silence, there will generally be some talking, foot traffic, occasional music and vehicle noise.

Garbage - All rubbish / recycling generated during your hire must be taken with you on the day of your hire.

Consecutive Bookings - We have multiple event spaces and may host more than one booking per day.

We will notify you if this is the case however, you are hiring our space with the knowledge that there is a certain level of noise and activity in the building.

Hired Space - Keep patrons and usage within defined hired space only.  The rest of the building / spaces are private or for tenant access only.

Privacy - Please view the premises prior to hire to ensure suitability.

None of the downstairs areas have doors, and as such we cannot guarantee your hired space will be 100% private. An acoustic partition is available to place between the front and middle rooms if required.

Deposit / Payment - We require a 30% non-refundable deposit to be paid in advance of the booking. If we do not have a deposit, your room / date will be given to the next interested party.

The full amount must be paid via EFT, and is due before commencement of hire date/period.

Parking rate is $15 inc GST for one car for the duration of your event booking. If you book parking, the space is to be used only for parking, no event usage. There may be other vehicles parked in the area. Parking will either be in the loading dock or across the road depending on usage of space.
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Please read the following checklist carefully and ensure all the requirements are communicated to your team for the period of hire. If any of the conditions are not met during the hire, and there is reason for concern, the booking may in the worst case have to be cancelled and we will retain the deposit or rescheduled. Please contact us ASAP to discuss any changes to the scope of your hire or to check suitability of usage.