Studio Space

Following the conversion of the former factory and subsequent foundation of art space in the 1990s, many Australian artists and designers have participated in the evolution of present-day Comber Street Studios.

Currently the space is occupied by a number of established artists and designers who collectively contribute to the local creative community.

Available Studios

There are currently a couple of upstairs studios available on a monthly tenancy basis. Please contact us to arrange a viewing or ask about pricing.


Location - close to Oxford St fashion, shops, art schools, public transport and a short bus ride to the CBD

Kitchen - fridge, microwave, hot water dispenser & purified water

Internet - free high speed wireless

Discount - access to discounted event space if you are a tenant

Energy - the building is fitted with solar power, ceiling fans & blinds


Parking - street parking only, no on-site parking

Use of space - must be quiet, clean and tidy & no chemicals

Smoking/alcohol - no smoking or consumption of alcohol on premises

Liquids - no liquids or food to be stored in the interest of preventing water damage due to leaks, and pest control

Chemicals - absolutely no turps, alcohol or other toxic liquids to be stored on premises in the interest of fire safety and fumes

Access - on weekdays during business hours, any intended after hours/weekend usage needs approval


Visitors - number of visitors should be minimal in the interest of security and noise and all visitors should be scheduled during business hours on weekdays

Payment - on the first of the month, monthly in advance

Monthly Tenancy - we operate on a monthly tenancy basis, which means no lease and no bond

Public Liability - certificate required

Notice - we require one month's notice and final payment must cover rent until the end of the full month

Deliveries - all personal mail to your own address and outline delivery requirements including frequency

Studio Tour